Boiler Buoy Condensate Bypass Valve


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  • Help keep condensing boilers working during freezing weather!

    Periods of very cold weather in recent winters have left many people with no working boiler when they need it the most. The waste water from condensing boilers is often drained through an outside pipe and this can become blocked with frozen water. When blocked, the condensate backs-up in the pipe causing the boiler to stop working and in some cases causing boiler damage which may lead to expensive repair bills.

    Now we can offer a simple fix for frozen condensate pipes that can allow condensing boilers to keep on working in freezing weather.

    The easily installed Boiler Buoy Condensate Bypass Valve has been designed to signal via a red ball a blockage in the boiler condensate pipe caused by external freezing.

    The Boiler Buoy Condensate Bypass Valve allows the heating engineer or householder to drain off the condensate in a controlled way using the valve connection and hose. This easy to fit, low cost solution can be fitted during first install, emergency call outs or whilst performing annual service visits. Once fitted, this product will ensure that the boiler and heating of the property can be maintained during cold weather conditions.

    The condensate from the boiler is typically run through a 22mm overflow pipe and the boiler buoy is designed to fit vertically in-line with the condensate pipe.

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