Boiler Condensate and Pressure Relief Pump


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  • These fully automatic Boiler Condensate Pumps incorporate a high-level alarm designed to remove high temperature PRV discharge and condensate from boilers and de-humidifiers. They are specially designed to remove both hot water from pressure relief and condensate from boilers.

    Constructed from heat resistant plastic, these Boiler Condensate Pumps will handle water temperatures up to 100°C and incorporate a check valve to prevent condensate from flowing back into the pump.

    Supplied with 6m outlet hose, 3/8" check valve.


    Max Flow (lph): 312
    Max Shut Off (m): 8
    Discharge Size: 3/8"
    Inlet Size (mm): 29
    PSI: 17.5
    Tank Capacity (litres): 3.8
    Weight (kg): 3.1
    Volts: 240, Hz50

    Did you know?...

    Condensate is formed within the boiler and flue due to the low back end temperature and for every 1 kw of boiler output a volume of up to 0.1 litres of condensate is produced per hour. This will typically result in volumes of around 800 - 1,000 litres ever year!

    Where a boiler has to be installed on internal walls or within basements, the use of a boiler condensate tank pump from Components Direct can be a ‘life-saver’ for you.

    Where immediate access to a drain is not available, this pump can also offer advantages and it also offers flexibility if access to the drain is not straight-forward. The routing of the 10mm small bore hose can prove very flexible in connecting to the existing internal sink, washing machine, shower, bath, drain or vent stack.

    Typical acidity levels of condensate in the UK are between pH 3 and 4. This acidic nature of condensate does have an impact on most mortar and will react chemically to break down the bond within the mortar. Condensate must never be allowed to drain untreated down the sides of buildings either above or below ground level.

    When routing hose through any area which could be exposed to freezing temperatures, such as lofts, basements or garages, we strongly recommend the use of pre-insulated condensate hose.

    H = Height (m)
    H1 - Inlet Height (mm)
    L = Length (mm)
    W = Width (mm)

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