Condensate Tank Pump 2L - Little Giant VCMX-20S


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  • This 2 litre Condensate Tank Pump from Little Giant automatically removes condensation from air conditioners and high-efficiency gas furnaces. The pump turns on by a float/switch mechanism when approximately 1.6 inches of water is collected in the tank. The pump then turns off when the tank drains to approximately 1.2 inches. A safety overflow switch activates when water in the tank rises to approximately 2.2 inches, turning off the thermostat or turning on an alarm.

    Two year warranty
    1/4 inch Twist lock check valve
    Patent-pending cooling design extends life
    External test/run switch
    Rubber feet to absorb vibration
    Slimmer footprint allowing flexibility in tight spaces
    Removable high level alarm switch

    Max Flow (lph): 284
    Max Head (m): 4.8
    Tank Capacity (litres): 1.9
    Volts: 230 Hz: 50/60
    Discharge Size (inches): 3/8 / 1/4

    2 litre tank
    Rubber feet x 4
    wall mounting bracket

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