Flexi Foot Universal


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  • The Flexi Foot Universal supports small pipework and runs of cable tray, and can mount air source heat pumps and a variety of outdoor equipment. It can also be used to support both solar thermal and solar photovoltaic on flat roof installations. The three M10 threaded inserts allow for threaded rods to be screwed in either the two outer inserts, to form a mini "H" type support, or a single piece of threaded rod to be screwed in, allowing for pipe support clamps to be fitted.

    Material - Heavy duty recycled rubber


    • The installer is free to bolt their own strut of various lengths to suit any installation from 500mm to 3000mm in length
    • Threaded inserts have a maximum load of 25kg per insert

    L = Length
    W = Width
    H = Height
    W1 = Weight (kg)
    L1 = Max Load (kg)

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