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  • These plastic frame packers are designed for aligning battens, frames, panels and floors, when fixing them to irregular surfaces. They are accurate and more cost-effective than hand-cut hardboard, plywood etc.

    - Colour-coded for easy identification of thickness
    - Can be nested to achieve desired thickness

    Mixed pack of thicknessess and sizes x 100

    Small 1mm x 20
    Small 3mm x 20
    Small 5mm x 20
    Small 6mm x 10
    Large 1mm x 10
    Large 3mm x 10
    Large 6mm x 10

    Small packers measure 55mm x 45mm
    Large packers measure 100mm x 45mm

    Yellow - 1mm thick
    Blue - 3mm thick
    Brown - 5mm thick
    Black - 6mm thick

    Material: Polyethylene.

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