Heyco ST Lockit Strain Relief Bushings


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  • Heyco ST Lockit Strain Relief Bushings extends the lifetime of your electric / electronic products by absorbing the forces of push and pull that may be exerted on the flexible power cord. Easy to install they simply snap onto the cable for faster assembly and fit into rectangular mounting holes.

    - Assembly friendly
    - Independent of insertion into the panel, Lockit Strain Reliefs self-lock onto the cable
    - Pre-assemble off-line for final assembly at a later time at a remote location, for lower installation costs
    - Lockit Strain Reliefs hold so well they pass the UL pull-out test requirements with or without panel support
    - Extends the lifetime of your electric/electronic products by absorbing the forces of push and pull that may be exerted on the flexible power cord
    - Rectangular design eliminates the possibility of part rotation under forces of twist
    - Lockit’s three finger design securely anchors into panels as thin as 0.8mm and as thick as 4.0mm for a neat, clean appearance
    - Five locking steps accommodate a wide range of panel thicknesses
    - Low profile head satisfies design aesthetics

    For UL Industry standard see attached datasheet

    Material - Nylon 6/6
    Flammability Rating 94V-2
    Temperature Range: -18 DegreeC to 105 DegreeC

    - Recognised under the Component Program of Underwriters’ Laboratories File E15331
    - Certified by the Canadian Standards Association File 8919

Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing

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Drawings and images are for reference only and should not be used for product specification. For new applications we recommend that you carry out assembly tests using samples supplied by us.

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