Manual Foot Press - Press Studs and DOT Fasteners


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  • This Manual Foot Press for Press Stud insertion has a top and bottom anvil. The bottom tool will hold the button or eyelet while the top tool holds the mating part - socket or stud. The fixing is actuated by foot, leaving both hands free to align the parts. The operator is seated with two trays of parts allowing two handed loading. A ratchet system on the swing arm ensures the fixing is consistent each time. The tool will self-pierce the fabric.

    The push-force is approximately 10kg.

    This tool is suitable for the following: Baby Durable DOT, Durable DOT, Pull-the-DOT, Common Sense, Lift-the-DOT

    Indicative Insertion Volumes (For advice only):

    - 400 - 900 parts per hour
    - 15,000 - 30,000 per week

    For further information on assembly and insertion tooling, please contact our sales team.

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