Heating & Renewable Energy

After changes to the UK building regulations in 2005, condensing boilers now account for almost all new domestic boilers being installed in the UK. The products available from Components Direct offer you a range of solutions to issues encountered when dealing with boiler condensate. From simple, reliable condensate removal pumps, to sophisticated pumps capable of handling temperatures of up to 100C, and the innovative boiler buoy to deal with frozen pipes - contact us for the solution you need.
Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) are a relatively new 'green' energy source in the domestic market. The heat pumps tend to be located in exposed areas to the side or rear of homes and are often vulnerable to accidental damage or vandalism. Costs of ASHP equipment is high, and the loss of heating and hot water to the homeowner could be critical, so proper mounting and protection of the heat pump unit protection is a wise approach. Components Direct offer a range of solutions to properly mount and protect this equipment. Many of the mounting solutions you'll find here are also widely used in the solar industry for installing both photovoltaic and solar water heating solutions.