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  • Our Brexit Preparation

    "In 2016 the UK Government announced the result of the referendum to leave the European Union. Since then we have been actively working to understand the impact of the decision. We have short term and long term plans and we are prepared for whatever deal emerges, even with no deal, we have made provision to continue trading under the rules set out by the WTO (World Trade Organisation). With local stock holding in the Czech Republic, Components Direct is committed to ensure there will be minimal impact to the day-to-day transactions with our customers. Longer term we intend to increase our presence in all the countries where we have customers"

    Mark Niblett

    Group Managing Director

  • How to Flat-Mount Accuride Drawer Slides?

    Putting Slides under Drawers can improve Looks and Performance

    Flat mounting an Accuride Drawer Slide means fixing it to a horizontal surface under the drawer rather than the drawer sides. Some people describe this as an undermount or a bottom mount Drawer Slide.

    You can use many of the same Accuride Drawer Slides for flat mounting as vertical mounting.

    When to Flat Mount Accuride Drawer Slides

    There are two main reasons you might want to flat mount Accuride Drawer Slides. In some circumstances it just looks better. They can also be used in combination with conventionally fixed Drawer Slides to add guidance and stability.

    If you are building a high end kitchen for instance and you use good quality materials for the drawer box, by hiding the slides under the drawer the finished result looks better. There is also a benefit in keeping the slides out of the way of the dust, dirt and spills that are inevitable in a kitchen. If you use Accuride Drawer Slides with front disconnect, the whole drawer can be removed for cleaning.

    Flatmount Accuride Slides

    Combining Vertical and Horizontal Mounting

    If you have a very wide drawer, especially if it has a substantial load, there is a risk of lateral movement. By mounting Drawer Slides underneath as guides in addition to conventionally mounted slides you can make the drawer more stable.

    For instance, a joiner was tasked with creating a bespoke, solid wood shoe rack in the bottom of an unusually deep and wide built-in wardrobe. By using a combination of conventionally mounted and flat mounted Drawer Slides he was able to create stable, smooth running racks despite the substantial weight.

    Technical Considerations

    The first thing to consider is that when you flat mount a Drawer Slide it carries less weight. You should calculate the capacity at no more than 25% of the normal load rating when the slide is vertically mounted. So a slide rated 40kg will only carry 10kg when flat mounted.

    The design of the Drawer Slide also has an impact on its suitability for flat mounting. The Drawer Slides suitable for flat mounting are indicated using this symbol.

    Accuride horizontal mounting icon 25% loadrate


    Linear slides such as 0115RC perform much better than other options when flat mounted. This is because the moving member is supported on ball bearings at all times. The 0115RC uses a recirculating ball carriage, making it ideal for many applications in this orientation. Our team is always happy to provide advice on the best Drawer Slides to use your particular flat mount application.

    Order online. If you have any questions please call 01623 788 400, email [email protected], or contact us online.


  • Insert Nuts Allow You to Put Metal Threads into Wood

    When a wood screw won’t do the job

    You can use threaded Insert Nuts for several reasons. For instance, when you need extra strength or when you need to dismantle the item and reassemble it. Or when the material you are screwing into is liable to break down, like some MDF or plastic products. Type A and B Insert Nuts are designed for hard wood and D and E for soft wood.

    Some Insert Nuts tap in, others screw in. There are designs that work from one side of the surface and others from both sides. Some have flanges that sit on the surface.

    Insert Nuts are widely used in the furniture industry for securing casters to sofas and headboards to beds. Often they are combined with FBA Furniture Connector Bolts to provide an attractive appearance.  Shop Fitters and office furniture makers also use them extensively.

    Choosing the Right Insert Nut

    Which Insert Nut do you need?

    The fixing you want to use along with the thickness of the wood will determine some aspects of the Insert Nut you choose, but there are still choices to be made. For relatively lightweight options you can use knock in inserts like Type A or Type B. They are easy to install, the barbs will prevent spinning and they offer a good level of pull out resistance. Type A inserts will fit flush with the surface and Type B have a flange that sits on the surface.

    For better hold in and a greater degree of resistance to vibration, use a screw in insert like Type D, which has a flange.

    Other options include Type I which has a flange to give good pull through resistance and a neat appearance when the insert is used to penetrate the full depth of the material. There are other large flange knock in Insert Nuts.

    The ingenious Type X brass inserts contain a plastic ball which is forced down the nut expanding it to achieve a tighter fit when the screw or bold is inserted and tightened. A serrated external thread on Type P Insert Nuts ensures that a high pull-out resistance is achieved with minimal insertion torque. These Insert Nuts are self-tapping and give a strong, permanent metal thread in wood and other similar sheet materials.  Plastic Type P push inserts are a cost effective option.

    There are over 80 different types of Insert Nuts available from Components Direct so whatever you need - we can help.

    You can order online or call us on 01623 788 400.


  • LED Lighting Made Easy - New LED Lights for Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom

    Cheaper. Safer. Simpler.

    You usually have to find a balance between appearance, price and ease of installation. Our new range of LED lighting means you don’t have to compromise.

    For small scale projects like LED lights in the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen this range makes perfect sense. You can provide lighting in a range of situations from practical to purely aesthetic. The cost savings to be made by using LED over time are considerable. All the components in this range are compatible and easy to fit.


    LED Lighting where you need it

    This system is very flexible when you want LED lights in any domestic or commercial setting. Panel lights can be screwed to almost any flat surface; under a bathroom cabinet or on top of a wardrobe to illuminate shadowy parts of a room. Aluminium and Smart profiles with LED tape inside are typically used above kitchen work surfaces where a diffuser avoids any spotting effect. They come in 2 meter lengths and cutting or jointing is easy.

    LED lights in the bedroom can even be used inside wardrobes so you can see clothes more easily. The lighting inside cabinets can be triggered by the door opening and closing.

    When you want warm white or natural white accent lighting, use LED Spot Lights and Plinth Lights.



    Install without fuss then sit back and save money

    You need a 4 or 6 port power pack that can be wired to a switch or plugged in a socket. Micro connectors mean you only have to drill small holes in cabinets to take power from the pack to the fitting.

    You save money in two ways. Firstly, you won’t have to replace bulbs as often if at all. Secondly, LED lighting uses far less electricity. For instance, if you use LED lighting instead of 10 x 60w bulbs and pay 15p per KWph then you should save over £200 a year.

    Order online. If you have any questions please call 01623 788 400 or use our online form.



  • 2-LOCK™ Cable Ties Resist Vibration and High Loads


    Components Direct offers the unique plastic body 2-LOCK™ double tooth cable tie which will give you better reliability over a standard cable tie. 2-LOCK™ is ideal for situations where there are inherent vibrations or significant temperature fluctuations. Costs arising from maintenance and failures are minimised as there is reduced need to replace the 2-LOCK™ cable ties.


    2-LOCK™ cable ties are available in natural UV stabilised weather resistant nylon combined with gripping teeth made from marine grade stainless steel. This design will deliver the longest possible lifetime in the most testing conditions which will help you to minimise high maintenance costs. The smooth surface on the cable tie ensures no damage to the contained cables or to any neighbouring bundles and so further reduces possible failures.


    Your Top 6 benefits and features

    Resistance to vibration - Double tooth design prevents slipping, which makes the 2-LOCK™ option the best cable tie in the market for specialist applications.

    Very strong - 80kg tensile strength makes 2-LOCK™ cable ties safe to use in high load applications.

    Temperature resistant - 2-LOCK™ cable ties remain sturdy and retain flexibility at low temperatures of down to -40C, so are excellent to use in cold climates and refrigeration applications.

    UV resistant – The black 2-LOCK™ cable tie is great for outdoor applications where sunlight can degrade plastics. This reduces maintenance costs and increases safety.

    Smooth surface – Perfect tightening adjustment can be achieved whilst holding your cables safely in bundles.

    Easy insertion – The smooth head and body makes 2-LOCK™ cable ties very easy to install, which helps save valuable time.


    Do you want the most reliable cable ties in your application? 2-LOCK™ cable ties will meet the quality needed in automotive, power generation and outdoor construction applications. This can include wind turbines and telecommunication towers.

    To order now or to find out how 2-LOCK™ can help satisfy your requirements please watch the product video and order on-line now.

  • Wireless LED Lights – Creative Illumination for Your Home and Office

    Using safe and cost-effective wireless LED lights from Components Direct you can brighten any area in your home or office and enhance the light in your fitted furniture without the need for trailing wires. Your lighting solutions can be powered by a rechargeable power pack or disposable long life battery options so you will have flexibility to create focused or widespread light in any environment.

    You only need to use light when it’s required, so save on energy costs by increasing battery life when using the inbuilt motion and daylight detectors included in the Battery Powered Wireless LED Light (LIG185-WHI). Replacing batteries is very easy as access is gained to the holder by removing the magnetically held unit from a bracket – no tools are required.

    The Components Direct Rechargeable Wireless LED Light (LIG179-WHI) has the added convenience of an internal battery that you can quickly recharge via the supplied USB connector. To reduce energy costs this lighting solution includes a motion sensor which activates the light only when it is required.

    To order your lighting now or for further details please call our sales support team on 01623 788 400 or use our Components Direct contact form.

    Rechargeable LED light with motion sensorLED light application

  • New 2 Litre Tank Pump for Boiler Condensate Pump Range

    Components Direct introduces a new addition to its Boiler Condensate Pump range – the VCMX-20 Series, 2 litre tank pump for the removal of condensate from condensing boilers, air conditioners and refrigeration.

    When a boiler is placed in a basement or a long distance from the drainage system gravity can’t take condensate water away from the home, this is when a condensate pump comes into action as it is cost-effective compared to having to install the necessary drainage pipework.

    When condensate water accumulates in the tank to approximately 42mm a float is raised automatically turning on the pump which drains away the water until it reaches a level of approximately 27.5mm. This intermittent operation ensures minimal energy usage to keep your costs as low as possible.

    A safety overflow switch activates when water in the tank rises to approximately 58.5mm, turning off the thermostat or turning on a high level alarm.

    The slimmer design of the VCMX-20 Series offers flexibility when installing in tight spaces and weighs approximately 1.9kg.

    The maximum flow rate is 284 LPH with the tank capacity being 1.9 litres.

    Supplied with four rubber feet to absorb vibration along with a wall mounting bracket and two twist lock check valves – 3/8 inch and 1/4 inch. Supplied with a two year warranty for peace of mind!

    The condensate water waste is acidic and can have an impact on most mortar and will react chemically to break down the bond within the mortar. Condensate must never be allowed to drain untreated down the sides of buildings either above or below ground level. If a suitable gravity drain point is not available, we supply soakaways to ensure the safe, easy and efficient disposal of condensate water waste from your property.

    Full installation instructions and an installation video are available to view on our website.

  • New Friction Guides from Accuride

    Accuride International has turned its engineering and design expertise to creating new linear friction guides for users of handling systems.

    Traditional linear slides use steelorpolymer ball bearings for smooth movement but friction guides use a plain bearing surface with no rolling elements. These linear slides do not have exposed moving parts which makes them ideal for harsh environments where dust, sand or any dirt particles could clog slides that use bearings. The installations are virtually maintenance-free; they have a dry movement and require no lubrication. The nature of the design and their resistance to corrosion also means that they can be high-pressure washed as they function in and around many types of liquids.


    These friction guides are lighter, easier to use compared to equivalent recirculating ball bearing slides and they are engineered to minimise stress and wear on the friction elements for a smooth durable operation. The low vibration and low noise operation further proves their quality.

    As customers have come to expect from Accuride , the new linear bearing guides include ease of use, superior performance and designed-in reliability.

    Thanks to its extra-tough anodised aluminium track and superior polymer guide the friction guide is hardwearing and long-lasting. This makes it an attractive alternative to over-engineered costlier solutions as its longevity adds to the low total cost of ownership.

    The new friction guide range consists of three variants; non-adjustable, manual adjust and auto-adjust all with contact surfaces engineered to produce uniform wear. The height, width and hole pitches all comply with ISO 12090-1:2011 and ISO 12090-2:2011 standards for compatibility with legacy installations.

    The guides move along a hard-anodised aluminium track which is available in two standard lengths of 1 metre and 2 metres. When seamlessly fitted together they permit any length of track to be designed and the bearing blocks can traverse freely along the whole extent of that track.

    Plain bearing guides and plain slides are ideally suited for many applications within machine tool, semi-conductor and materials handling markets.

    These new Friction Guides are supplied from stock in our Nottinghamshire warehouse for next working day delivery.


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