How to Flat-Mount Accuride Drawer Slides?

Putting Slides under Drawers can improve Looks and Performance

Flat mounting an Accuride Drawer Slide means fixing it to a horizontal surface under the drawer rather than the drawer sides. Some people describe this as an undermount or a bottom mount Drawer Slide.

You can use many of the same Accuride Drawer Slides for flat mounting as vertical mounting.

When to Flat Mount Accuride Drawer Slides

There are two main reasons you might want to flat mount Accuride Drawer Slides. In some circumstances it just looks better. They can also be used in combination with conventionally fixed Drawer Slides to add guidance and stability.

If you are building a high end kitchen for instance and you use good quality materials for the drawer box, by hiding the slides under the drawer the finished result looks better. There is also a benefit in keeping the slides out of the way of the dust, dirt and spills that are inevitable in a kitchen. If you use Accuride Drawer Slides with front disconnect, the whole drawer can be removed for cleaning.

Flatmount Accuride Slides

Combining Vertical and Horizontal Mounting

If you have a very wide drawer, especially if it has a substantial load, there is a risk of lateral movement. By mounting Drawer Slides underneath as guides in addition to conventionally mounted slides you can make the drawer more stable.

For instance, a joiner was tasked with creating a bespoke, solid wood shoe rack in the bottom of an unusually deep and wide built-in wardrobe. By using a combination of conventionally mounted and flat mounted Drawer Slides he was able to create stable, smooth running racks despite the substantial weight.

Technical Considerations

The first thing to consider is that when you flat mount a Drawer Slide it carries less weight. You should calculate the capacity at no more than 25% of the normal load rating when the slide is vertically mounted. So a slide rated 40kg will only carry 10kg when flat mounted.

The design of the Drawer Slide also has an impact on its suitability for flat mounting. The Drawer Slides suitable for flat mounting are indicated using this symbol.

Accuride horizontal mounting icon 25% loadrate


Linear slides such as 0115RC perform much better than other options when flat mounted. This is because the moving member is supported on ball bearings at all times. The 0115RC uses a recirculating ball carriage, making it ideal for many applications in this orientation. Our team is always happy to provide advice on the best Drawer Slides to use your particular flat mount application.

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