Insert Nuts Allow You to Put Metal Threads into Wood

When a wood screw won’t do the job

You can use threaded Insert Nuts for several reasons. For instance, when you need extra strength or when you need to dismantle the item and reassemble it. Or when the material you are screwing into is liable to break down, like some MDF or plastic products. Type A and B Insert Nuts are designed for hard wood and D and E for soft wood.

Some Insert Nuts tap in, others screw in. There are designs that work from one side of the surface and others from both sides. Some have flanges that sit on the surface.

Insert Nuts are widely used in the furniture industry for securing casters to sofas and headboards to beds. Often they are combined with FBA Furniture Connector Bolts to provide an attractive appearance.  Shop Fitters and office furniture makers also use them extensively.

Choosing the Right Insert Nut

Which Insert Nut do you need?

The fixing you want to use along with the thickness of the wood will determine some aspects of the Insert Nut you choose, but there are still choices to be made. For relatively lightweight options you can use knock in inserts like Type A or Type B. They are easy to install, the barbs will prevent spinning and they offer a good level of pull out resistance. Type A inserts will fit flush with the surface and Type B have a flange that sits on the surface.

For better hold in and a greater degree of resistance to vibration, use a screw in insert like Type D, which has a flange.

Other options include Type I which has a flange to give good pull through resistance and a neat appearance when the insert is used to penetrate the full depth of the material. There are other large flange knock in Insert Nuts.

The ingenious Type X brass inserts contain a plastic ball which is forced down the nut expanding it to achieve a tighter fit when the screw or bold is inserted and tightened. A serrated external thread on Type P Insert Nuts ensures that a high pull-out resistance is achieved with minimal insertion torque. These Insert Nuts are self-tapping and give a strong, permanent metal thread in wood and other similar sheet materials.  Plastic Type P push inserts are a cost effective option.

There are over 80 different types of Insert Nuts available from Components Direct so whatever you need - we can help.

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