LED Lighting Made Easy - New LED Lights for Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom

Cheaper. Safer. Simpler.

You usually have to find a balance between appearance, price and ease of installation. Our new range of LED lighting means you don’t have to compromise.

For small scale projects like LED lights in the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen this range makes perfect sense. You can provide lighting in a range of situations from practical to purely aesthetic. The cost savings to be made by using LED over time are considerable. All the components in this range are compatible and easy to fit.


LED Lighting where you need it

This system is very flexible when you want LED lights in any domestic or commercial setting. Panel lights can be screwed to almost any flat surface; under a bathroom cabinet or on top of a wardrobe to illuminate shadowy parts of a room. Aluminium and Smart profiles with LED tape inside are typically used above kitchen work surfaces where a diffuser avoids any spotting effect. They come in 2 meter lengths and cutting or jointing is easy.

LED lights in the bedroom can even be used inside wardrobes so you can see clothes more easily. The lighting inside cabinets can be triggered by the door opening and closing.

When you want warm white or natural white accent lighting, use LED Spot Lights and Plinth Lights.



Install without fuss then sit back and save money

You need a 4 or 6 port power pack that can be wired to a switch or plugged in a socket. Micro connectors mean you only have to drill small holes in cabinets to take power from the pack to the fitting.

You save money in two ways. Firstly, you won’t have to replace bulbs as often if at all. Secondly, LED lighting uses far less electricity. For instance, if you use LED lighting instead of 10 x 60w bulbs and pay 15p per KWph then you should save over £200 a year.

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