2-LOCK™ Cable Ties Resist Vibration and High Loads


Components Direct offers the unique plastic body 2-LOCK™ double tooth cable tie which will give you better reliability over a standard cable tie. 2-LOCK™ is ideal for situations where there are inherent vibrations or significant temperature fluctuations. Costs arising from maintenance and failures are minimised as there is reduced need to replace the 2-LOCK™ cable ties.


2-LOCK™ cable ties are available in natural UV stabilised weather resistant nylon combined with gripping teeth made from marine grade stainless steel. This design will deliver the longest possible lifetime in the most testing conditions which will help you to minimise high maintenance costs. The smooth surface on the cable tie ensures no damage to the contained cables or to any neighbouring bundles and so further reduces possible failures.


Your Top 6 benefits and features

Resistance to vibration - Double tooth design prevents slipping, which makes the 2-LOCK™ option the best cable tie in the market for specialist applications.

Very strong - 80kg tensile strength makes 2-LOCK™ cable ties safe to use in high load applications.

Temperature resistant - 2-LOCK™ cable ties remain sturdy and retain flexibility at low temperatures of down to -40C, so are excellent to use in cold climates and refrigeration applications.

UV resistant – The black 2-LOCK™ cable tie is great for outdoor applications where sunlight can degrade plastics. This reduces maintenance costs and increases safety.

Smooth surface – Perfect tightening adjustment can be achieved whilst holding your cables safely in bundles.

Easy insertion – The smooth head and body makes 2-LOCK™ cable ties very easy to install, which helps save valuable time.


Do you want the most reliable cable ties in your application? 2-LOCK™ cable ties will meet the quality needed in automotive, power generation and outdoor construction applications. This can include wind turbines and telecommunication towers.

To order now or to find out how 2-LOCK™ can help satisfy your requirements please watch the product video and order on-line now.