New 2 Litre Tank Pump for Boiler Condensate Pump Range

Components Direct introduces a new addition to its Boiler Condensate Pump range – the VCMX-20 Series, 2 litre tank pump for the removal of condensate from condensing boilers, air conditioners and refrigeration.

When a boiler is placed in a basement or a long distance from the drainage system gravity can’t take condensate water away from the home, this is when a condensate pump comes into action as it is cost-effective compared to having to install the necessary drainage pipework.

When condensate water accumulates in the tank to approximately 42mm a float is raised automatically turning on the pump which drains away the water until it reaches a level of approximately 27.5mm. This intermittent operation ensures minimal energy usage to keep your costs as low as possible.

A safety overflow switch activates when water in the tank rises to approximately 58.5mm, turning off the thermostat or turning on a high level alarm.

The slimmer design of the VCMX-20 Series offers flexibility when installing in tight spaces and weighs approximately 1.9kg.

The maximum flow rate is 284 LPH with the tank capacity being 1.9 litres.

Supplied with four rubber feet to absorb vibration along with a wall mounting bracket and two twist lock check valves – 3/8 inch and 1/4 inch. Supplied with a two year warranty for peace of mind!

The condensate water waste is acidic and can have an impact on most mortar and will react chemically to break down the bond within the mortar. Condensate must never be allowed to drain untreated down the sides of buildings either above or below ground level. If a suitable gravity drain point is not available, we supply soakaways to ensure the safe, easy and efficient disposal of condensate water waste from your property.

Full installation instructions and an installation video are available to view on our website.