Garment Lift Pull Down Storage Solution

Our Garment Lift Rails are an innovative storage solution for hard to reach places. In tall fitted wardrobes, these garment lift rails allow the storage of clothes in areas high up where you would otherwise not be able to reach.

No more stretching or getting a ladder to reach, with our garment lifts, simply pull the bar and your clothes come down to you. We have systems for all requirements supporting weights up to 20kg; the Flexi which is either left or right handed for single or double wardrobe fitting is capable of holding a weight of 12kg. Our Midi Plus which features a retractable hanger for the temporary placement of garments can support 10kg. For a heavier load bearing the Maxi can hold 15kg and features a fixing bracket that fits around the hinge plates. For our largest capacity, the Superlift offers a 20kg capacity and has angle and strength regulators to lift and adapt to angled ceilings.

If the garment lift operation is affected by wardrobe doors or hinges, we can also supply a 20mm spacer to provide extra clearance.

Any of these systems can also help disabled people or the elderly in their homes.

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Garment lifts are designed to make your life easier.  We have a full range of Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom products designed to make your life easier in the home, from magic corners where a wire frame glides out from inside a cupboard where you would previously have struggled to reach in and remove items.  There are different designs from carousel turners, dolphin pull outs to blind corner optimisers.  We also have clever bin solutions to separate your normal waste from your recycled waste.  For narrow spaces, our slim pull out baskets can fit in just a 150mm cabinet.