WD-40 low online price at Components Direct

WD-40 is now available from Components Direct at a low UK online price. The WD-40 range is new to Components Direct, so take advantage of this great introductory offer while stocks last! View the whole range of lubricants available with a choice from other brands too.

Don't suffer those annoying squeaks any longer, this popular well known product should be present in every home. Simply spray the affected areas and instantly hear and feel the difference of a smooth running hinge or drawer slide.

But that's not all this wonderful product can be used for, there are many unknown uses that make WD-40 a fabulous product.

Always exercise common sense when using any of these suggestions, but one of these 10 uses may just save the day.

1. Lubricate a spade for faster digging, spray onto your spade so it slides into the ground more easily.

2. Remove crayon from walls. Just spray WD-40 onto a sponge and wipe away crayon from all kinds of surfaces.

3. Remove tea stains from worktops. Wipe away tea stains, simply spray onto a sponge and quickly scrub away tea stains.

4. Remove blue ink stains from jeans when a pen has leaked, spray onto the stain, wait a little while and simply rinse.

5. Cleaning Dog Dirt from shoes - It's happened to us all, a horrible job, but WD-40's 'water displacement' function helps the dirt to slide off. Spray, wait and then clean.

6. Removing adhesive labels. The cheap adhesive used in price tag labels is tremendously difficult to remove, but WD-40 can help with a little spray, wait a minute or two and rub the sticker off.

7. Remove chewing gum from shoes or even hair! Spray on the gum, wait and simply pull the gum away.

8. Stop wasps from nesting, WD-40 can act as an insect repellent, if you have an area prone to wasps, spraying once a year can keep them away.

9. Remove an oil spot from your driveway. If your car has leaked oil, simply use WD-40 to remove.

10. Keep hover lawn mowers free from grass, spray underneath to prevent clogging grass jamming the blades of the mower.

WD-40's range of lubricants is available in numerous sizes 200ml, 400ml and 600ml and with the addition of Smart Straw on the 400ml can, it's never been easier to apply.

The Specialist range of WD40 products consists of High Performance Silicone, Fast Release Penetrant and High Performance White Lithium Grease all available from stock.

This isn't the first time Components Direct have been great value for money on a popular consumable item. Our Industrial Duracell batteries are consistently low on price and we have huge stocks in our Nottinghamshire warehouse.