Sanitised Non Residue Security Labels


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  • These Sanitised Non Residue Security Labels are suitable for a wide range of applications where safety, preventing cross-contamination and stopping the spread of Covid-19 has to be taken into consideration.

    The labels leave a clear void/open message when any attempt of removal is made and do not leave any residue on the application surface. In addition, these Sanitised Non Residue Security Labels protect the products integrity and prevent any tampering, unauthorised opening and potential fraud.

    Key Features

    Highly tamper evident
    Easy to apply
    Size: 110mm x 30mm plus DNT
    Leaves no residue on the application surface
    Black surface text allowing a 6 digit sequential number
    High contrast matt finish
    Surface can be written on in biro
    Quantity: 1000 labels per roll
    Standard colour: Red

    Typical applications include: hotel doors and panels, liquor cabinets, toilet seats, catering trolleys, tote boxes, ballot boxes, computer ports, office doors, cupboards, fuel caps, cash boxes, warranty void seals, vehicle doors etc.

    For further information please contact our sales team on 01623 788 400.

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