Starlock Gun Starter Kit


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  • The Starlock cable strap bundler wraps, ties and secures just about anything! This indispensable tool for the professional is ideal for use on electrical fittings, TV aerials, videos, hi-fi, computer equipment and anywhere else where cables need to be secured and tidied.

    The Starlock system has many advantages over conventional cable ties.

    • eliminates the need to stock various sizes of cable tie
    • ties and cuts to size.
    • no mess, no ends to cut off!
    • quicker application than conventional ties.

    The Starlock Gun is extremely quick and simple to use, holding an entire spool of strapping and a cartridge of strap locks. Simply feed the strap through the gun and loop it around the object you are strapping, then slip the free end into the lock in the nose of the gun and pull the strap tight. Finally, use the trigger to cut the strap and release the lock.

    The Starlock Gun Starter Kit contains 1 x Starlock Gun, 1 x 15m roll of cable and 200 clips.

    Available in black or white

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