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  • These Cash Bags are designed to provide a secure method for storing and transporting cash. These bags can also be used for controlling and tracking keys. These cash/key bags are used with our Seal Clips so that unauthorised access to the contents is easily identifiable.

    - Heavy-duty material with a heavy-duty nylon reversed zip
    - Information window for identifying contents
    - - Clear window for inserting a bar code
    - Eyelet can be used for storage
    - Tamper visible chamber
    - Seal Clip chamber has tamper indicator breakout points
    - Chamber to be sealed with the Seal Clip
    - Seal Clip provides tamper evident protection
    - Numbered Seal Clips aid in the security of the supply chain
    - Barcoding available for Seal Clips
    - Made in USA

    H = Height
    W = Width
    D = Depth

    Dimensions given are external.

    Typical applications include banking, retail, document handling and valuables in transit.

    Material - 330 denier PVC coated polyester
    Typical colour - Red, Blue

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